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Call Us: (800) 779-7691
Our Location: Anaheim, CA, US 92802

Call Us: (800) 779-7691
Our Location: Anaheim, CA, US 92802

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Executive Protection

Make use of executive protection for a hassle-free life

If you are threatened or there is a huge risk exposure, you can prefer us. At Proforce 1 Protection Services, we provide executive protection with specially trained and expert security officers. Our team can maintain a high level and a low level of discretion. We also ensure that people in question will continue their daily lives without much restriction. We can carry this security job with better cooperation of law enforcement.

We have trained security professionals to protect the high profile people, eminent sportspeople, celebrities, industrial professionals, or other people exposed to a huge threat. Our proficient security team can understand your security needs. With precise understanding, we can bring the desired level of executive protection to our clients. Our security professionals are well-known for their unique skills

  • Our professionals are specializing in body language, calmness, proactive approach, presence of mind, sixth sense and vigilance
  • Specialized training for handling all kinds of intelligence gathering and threat perceptions
  • We have retired police personal, defense offices and others for professional assistance
  • Trained in the martial arts
  • Our celebrity securities have various skillsets and are trained for offering a precise level of executive protection
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